I can see we sometimes get a bad name!

Today was a different day for me.  Instead of riding the bike, I told Michelle (who had to put up with my long bikes rides every weekend leading up to the STP) that today I’d walk with her instead.

She is in training to walk the Portland half marathon in October with her best friend Kim.  So on tap today was a 6 – 8 mile walk along the Burke Gilman trail.  One of our friends joined us as well, and we headed out at 8 AM. Continue reading “I can see we sometimes get a bad name!”

Another Ibuprofen Day

Today was a much different day than yesterday.  Michelle and I slept in until after 8, and we were able to sit, hang out and have breakfast.  No yard work, no dump trucks delivering, just a relax day, aside from a few errands.

So this evening, I am reading, Michelle is watching Anthony Bourdain, and the Manchild is surfing the web in the background.  I was going to skip the blog tonight, but then, when I was on Facebook, I stumbled on the photo of another ibuprofen induced day, and thought I would share the story.image Continue reading “Another Ibuprofen Day”

Mt. Si

I was digging through an old thumb drive looking for something, and stumbled over one of the two articles that I have had published in a local Magazine, “Trails”, published by the Washington Trails Association.

The article refers to Mt. Si.  A 4000 foot mountain with an 8 mile round trip trail, near Northbend Wa.

mt siThe fact that it is only 30 minutes from Seattle, has an elevation gain of 3500 feet from trailhead to top, and is accessible (if you know what you are doing) year round. it was the perfect training hike for Mt. Rainier.  Over the years I have climbed it over 100 times.  Hope you enjoy the article. Continue reading “Mt. Si”