Tour de Blast 2019

I am not one for subtitles. But there are times that a blog post could actually use one. This would be my first post where two would be appropriate! The first would be Tour de Blast: The ride that almost wasn’t, and the second is Tour de Blast: What happens when you don’t train well enough….

Read on to see why!

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A new Milestone

Part of me wanting to be a science teacher way back in the way back days is that I have an affinity for numbers. I have a friend who regularly posts on Facebook that Algebra is evil and will never be used outside the classroom.  I always reply that Algebra is your friend, and will always come in handy.  I can see her sneer every time I say this!

In my travels I have learned that more so than different religions, political parties, or even WSU and that other school in WA, those who like math and those who don’t will never understand each other.  EVER!

I will continue to hope that someday she will see the light…  But I digress!

One of the numbers I like to track are the milestone numbers.  The triple zeros at the end of the number.  Yesterday was one of those days… Continue reading “A new Milestone”

Have you recovered yet?

For those who know me and have been around me after my ‘big ride’ of the year, they’ve pretty much gotten used to me being up and ‘rarin to go’ the next day.  Lord knows I am not at 100%, the stairs at work seem MUCH steeper that then were before the rides, and I seem to make a lot more “old man noises.” For the most part, though, most would not know I have done anything major.

Since the RAMROD, though, I’ve had discussions people I don’t know, or some I don’t know that well, that have just made me smile. Continue reading “Have you recovered yet?”

Not my best ride ever

Have y’all gotten tired of my whining about the heat yet?  if so, then I am sorry for at least one more.  We are about to hit the 6th day of 90 degree heat (a first ever for us) and at 92 degrees, yesterday was the hottest Independence Day in 124 years!

Given all this, but still needing to ride, our hero was out of bed at 445 and on the road at 5 AM to beat the heat… Continue reading “Not my best ride ever”

Lord things are gonna start getting busy

It makes me laugh to title this post this way.  Why?  Cuz I have to tell you, for the last month and a half at work I have been busier than, as my dad would say, a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! Between teaching in Spokane and two projects that are due at the same time, it has been non-stop.

Then at home, Michelle and I have been helping out her mom, (mostly her but I help!) Working in the garden (mostly her but I help) and both of us have been working out a lot!  She now has three half marathons to do this year, and I of course have the RAMROD.

May, however, will be even worse! I mean BETTER!!

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A Cycling Good Deed

As planned, today was the last ‘real’ riding day before the Seattle to Portland.  I got up  early, made some farm fresh scrambled eggs (DAMN they were good) and I was ready to go about 7AM.

It was a bit of a struggle getting outside.  I really wanted to just hang around the house.  But finally I got my butt in gear and headed out for my 40 mile training route through Everett and Woodinville.  Who knew I’d be helping a buncha riders find the right route? Continue reading “A Cycling Good Deed”

Hardest part of my training

OK Here we go.  Now that I have learned to read a calendar, I now know that the Seattle to Portland is actually NOW two weeks from tomorrow!  I’ve been saying it was a  “coupla weeks away” for the last month now.

Every week and weekend up and until now was geared around getting as many miles as possible.  Cuz as we know, the best way to train for a long ride is to ride! Now though, I enter the most difficult part (for me) of training… Continue reading “Hardest part of my training”

A memorable cycling day

You know you spend a lot of time on social media sites, Facebook in particular, when you get a text from Mom asking, “Is everything ok?  You’ve been awful quiet on FB…”  It made me giggle, my kids have the cool gramma who can text AND posts on Facebook.

Truth is, this week I haven’t even posted much on the Blog.  I’ve been fighting an UGLY cold.   Continue reading “A memorable cycling day”

One month and counting….

OK boys and girls, crunch time!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast a year can go!  Seems like not that long ago I was posting that I had decided to make the one day Seattle to Portland my big ride of the year.

Then there was the post when I actually signed up for it back in January.  Suddenly, I look at the calendar and there are only 30 days left before the ride! Continue reading “One month and counting….”