Anti-Social Valentes they call us!

You know how you can go day after day, and they all kinda merge together?  Shoot, even the weekend days can be like that.  One Saturday of errands, yard work, bike ride etc can meld into the next.  Not that we don’t enjoy our Saturdays!  But it takes a bit to make one stand out.  Today would be one of those Continue reading “Anti-Social Valentes they call us!”

The Suck Bowl

So keeping in yesterday’s theme of work functions, I decided to share my least favorite work function of all time. The glass blowing team building event. Yep, an ALL day session with my co-workers at a glass studio in downtown Seattle.

This was masterminded by Michael, my ex-manager. I always referred to him as the Shairf (as in “There’s a new Shairf in town”), as he was a new hire to replace my favorite boss of all time, Paulette! Continue reading “The Suck Bowl”