The Trip Home

Last week we spent the week in Texas for our niece Abby’s wedding. You know how much we love her.

Which is why we went to the Texas heat in June. Later this week will be posts about the trip and the wedding, but this one is about getting home yesterday.  It was an adventure…. Continue reading “The Trip Home”

Traveling in Texas

I had never been to Texas until last week. I’ve seen it on TV, read about it in books, and met people who are from there, but I had not spent any time there. In fact, I’ve been wracking my brain, but I don’t know for sure if I had ever even caught a connecting flight there.

So, I had no idea what I was in for.

I did have some preconceived notions though…

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Santa Rosa Part1

Finally!  It has been what seems like a VERY long time since our last vacation in May.  We’ve been through long ugly days at work, VERY long bike rides for me, and a ton of training walk/runs for Michelle!  Friday, it was finally time to head for Santa Rosa for her half marathon. So that morning we headed for the airport… Continue reading “Santa Rosa Part1”

So you need a “reason” to workout?

We have all heard from the day we could understand what an infomercial is, that exercise is good for us.  We’ve heard the studies that Americans eat more than anyone else in the world.  That we have become fat, lazy and out of shape.  There are drive-thrus  at fast food places, pizzas that are delivered and hell, you can even have someone else do your grocery shopping.  In short, we can eat without ever expending an ounce of energy.

Editors note:  For a college kid, or someone helping someone else move, or with a home improvement project there is no better invention than pizza being delivered!  

We all know we should exercise and be in better shape, but many of us need a better reason than just being healthier.  Ladies and gents, yesterday at the airport I proved to myself yet again, it is good to be a bike rider!

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