Book Review: The Worlds Fastest Man, by Michael Kranish

I need to go on record here. I am a bit disappointed with myself. Here I was a member of the Cascade Bike Club in Washington State, a club that had a Major Taylor ride every year. But, until I read this book, I had NO idea who Major Taylor was! I know who he was now, and this was an excellent book… Continue reading “Book Review: The Worlds Fastest Man, by Michael Kranish”

Nope its not fair

You know, I have thought this many times over the years.  But it struck me again today during my morning bike commute.  It is much easier being a guy.  My wife and I have a joke.  After a trip to Aveda for product, she will point at her hair and say “THIS takes work!”  And I will point at what’s left of mine and say “THIS takes PERT plus!” 

I want to make sure I give her props though.  The woman doesn’t need nor use makeup.  She is gorgeous in the morning, and we have both woken up and gone straight to Starbucks, with baseball caps on.  I have known many ladies (coworkers, friends, and wives of friends) who say they would NEVER leave the house without their “face”.  So I know I am a lucky man for MANY reasons.

However, this isn’t what I mean by easier. Continue reading “Nope its not fair”