WSU Gnome Rides Again!

Folks, this has been one hell of a long year. Due to work and a fluke in our planning, Michelle and I have not had more than one day off since our trip to Cannon Beach in April. For the record, that is ENTIRELY too long!!

So, with our Labor Weekend trip to Walla Walla in the offing, she and I have been counting down the days! Finally, Thursday rolled around, and we loaded up the rental vehicle for a trip east! Continue reading “WSU Gnome Rides Again!”


In every epic adventure, there was the time of PRE-adventure. There is the planning; the choosing of routes; the training rides; and the counting down of days on the calendars. Then, the week before hand comes my truest struggle, the packing….

This adventure is the ride along the Oregon Coast. Starting in Astoria and riding all the way to California. It will be hilly, chilly at times, warm at others. We will likely see sun, clouds, fog and rain.


The quandary: What to bring…. Continue reading “Pre-Adventure…”

Racking up the Miles: 2015

Yes, yes, I know it’s a cliché.  Anyone who has a blog does a “Year in review” type of post.  Hell you might even think its a blogger law that says we have to.  Well, in my case, if comes down to this:  My blog, my rules, and its been one helluva year for our hero.  So, since I am in charge of, a recap is in order! Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: 2015”

Real Beaches

Well folks, I will tell you right now, this post has nothing to do with cycling.  Once again, a post on Facebook inspires me to share.  This one discusses the differences in Seattleites and the rest of the world.  And in this case, I would broaden it to all Pacific Northwesteners, and the real world.

The subject I am thinking of?  Going to the beach… Continue reading “Real Beaches”

I am tuckered!

Once again, a week makes a major difference in the life of our hero.  Last weekend was wet and miserable.  A major windstorm blew through and knocked over our little free library, and it was just flat wet and cold!

At the time I am writing this post, last week, the Seahawks were orchestrating the biggest comeback in the division playoffs (EVER!) and he who shall not be named was deflating 11 of 12 balls for the Patriots. (My theory is the 12th was used by the kicker!).  I of course was sicker than a dog and too tired to even pace during the game.

Flash forward a week Continue reading “I am tuckered!”

Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review

Wow, it really is 2015!  I know its kind of a cliché, but damn, this was one helluva fast year.  Between being very busy at work, and all the stuff we had going on around here, it just seemed to fly by.

Then with my travels to Spokane for training, it seems like I Thanksgiving was just last week.  But here we are, New years day!

December was NOT a month to remember for cycling.  I did have some bike commutes, and on shed ride.  I was also able to get out for some rides early in the month.  All that being said, there was only 142 miles for the month.  January will be better! Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review”

Playing Tourist at Home!

As you may or may not know, a little over 90 days ago I started a new job.  It was a change for the positive.  I no longer have a boss that may or may not be going off the deep end, I no longer have a nun assigned to my building (yes a Nun, she didn’t wear a habit, but he name started with Sister) and i am no longer bored!  I like what I am doing, and I am in the first week of teaching a three-week new hire class.

However, with the good comes the bad.  Starting new means no vacation time! So that means Michelle and I have to, at least for this year, do things together on the weekends and holidays.

Luckily, we live somewhere where there are LOTS of options! Continue reading “Playing Tourist at Home!”