A side trip to Pullman

Anyone who knows me knows I went to WSU.

But for those of you who don’t know where WSU is, its in a tiny town in eastern Washington called Pullman, 8 miles from the Idaho border. This means, from the west side of the state where we live, it is a 5 hour (at least) one way drive with half of it being on a 2 lane highway. As much as I love visiting the town, it is a 2 day event to get there and enjoy it.

However, when planning this trip to Walla Walla, Michelle said, “You know, we are pretty close to Pullman….” Continue reading “A side trip to Pullman”

Damn I needed that!

Folks, I do my best to give my wife credit for everything she does,  Michelle is amazing.  She knows I have been down on myself for not riding much, and not going on rides on the weekends.  So when I mentioned I was kinda thinking of taking the scenic route home from work, she said “GO! Have fun!”

So I did! Continue reading “Damn I needed that!”


OK, I am going to sound like an old curmudgeon here. Something that will sound like “Back in my day…” But that is exactly what I am going to do here. I will also be stepping away from anything to do with cycling or working out, and concentrating on the main focus of the week, the 2014 season opener for Washington State Cougar football!

This is a Thursday night game in Seattle, and it’s chaffed my hide a bit! Continue reading “GO COUGS!”

First floor or sixth?

Seems like every day I look Facebook, parents or kids are getting ready for, packing or even moving in for the first time in College.  Each parent is different when this happens. You’ve got some that hover over every decision, some that take it upon themselves to do the shopping and packing for  taking them the first day, hanging out, making sure they are all moved in.   Then you have my Dad’s way… Continue reading “First floor or sixth?”

Starving College Kid

I was doing my lunchtime walk last week, and I ran into a sign I hadn’t seen before.

imageI couldn’t help but think this was the kind of sign that would have called my group and I in for miles back in the college days.  And not just for the cheap booze!

When I started my second year at WSU, I moved into an apartment.  When it came to food, I knew how to make exactly 2 things.  Cheese Burgers and Kraft Mac & Cheese.  Oh, and Eggo waffles.  This made grocery shopping easy.  And cheap.  But it didn’t provide the greatest variety in food.  When I would combine the can of chili with the mac & cheese (CHILIMAC!) my roommate Scott would cringe.  I guess those nights there were extra noises and smells in our room

Yes back then, we had to be resourceful to eat well. Continue reading “Starving College Kid”

Yep we Coug’d it!

Folks, this will be the last Coug post of the year.  Football season is over and it was NOT a good end for my boys on the field.  We had this game (New Mexico Bowl) in the bag, no worries, all we had to do was keep playing the way we had been.

Yep that’s all we had to do…

And we Coug’d it!

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What’s most important in life…

Its funny how things will pop into your head sometimes.  Memories, news stories, quotes from movies.  At any given time any of these can cause you to stop what you are thinking or doing, and just sit there and ponder for bit.  This happened to me this evening.

Today was the Apple Cup.  the single biggest game of the year for any WSU Coug.  And pure and simple, we COUG’d it.  We dominated the first half, and gave the game away.  Tomorrow I will wear my colors proudly, because that is what I do, but inside, I am not a happy man.  And Monday the Husky fans will come from far and wide to rub it in…

But, for some reason I started thinking, what is most important in life…  And being me, my mind went straight to the 1980s version of Conan the Barbarian… Continue reading “What’s most important in life…”

The Coug Fan

So today was an interesting day.  All starting with a football game Friday night.  You see, I am a Washington State University fan.  We are the Cougars (COUGS for short).  Our Mascot is Butch the Cougar.

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

Our cross state rivals are the UW Huskies.  This means every week, I root for two teams.  My COUGS and whatever team is playing the Huskies.  Therefore I was VERY happy to see the Dawgs (as they are called) lose to UCLA.  The day is always brighter when this happens.  It was questioned today though, whether I was more of a COUG fan or a Husky hater.  So I thought I would clarify  Continue reading “The Coug Fan”

Oh Yeah, we COUG’d it!

For those of you outside of Washington, or who have never lived in Washington, the term Coug’d it probably means nothing at all.  To those of us that went to WSU, it is a word that brings the utmost sadness and pain.  It means a football game in which we are doing very well, in fact in the lead, and then self destruct and give it away.

Yes, this weekend my team COUG’d it, and to make matters worse I was there AT the game, with my lovely wife Michelle, in fact we were playing her team!

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Road Trip!

Today was not your normal Friday.  On a normal Friday, we’d be waking up early, getting ready, and driving to work.  Just like most of the rest of the world.  Today was different, we were going on a road trip today!

As most of you know, I am a diehard COUG fan.  Washington State University.

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

My wife, Michelle, on the other hand, is as much a diehard Oregon State University fan

imageThis works out fine, 364 days a year.  That is until Saturday night at 730 Continue reading “Road Trip!”