You can hear the plants drinking…

Everyone has preconceptions about parts of the country we don’t live in. California is full of surfer dudes and it never rains; the midwest has tornadoes, blizzard and cowboys;  the Northeast is crowded, rude, and cockroachy; the southeast is hell on earth, hot, humid, sticky, and full of people who drink PBR; the desert southwest is an oven, sandy , and full of blondes ladies who like pumpkin spice lattes.

Ask people about the Pacific Northwest, and you will get things like Coffee, liberal nut jobs, trees and that it rains ALL the time.


Truth be told, those that live in these areas will tell you, for the most part (Though I think even the southeast people would at least nod at the ‘hell on earth’ description), that the preconceptions are not true. Believe it or not, it does NOT rain here in Seattle all the time… Continue reading “You can hear the plants drinking…”

Take the long road home…

Anyone who has been following the blog this week knows I have been in Spokane all week. I decided to drive over and bring the bike so I could bike commute to the Spokane office.  Combining the fun rides and the commutes this week, I cranked out 140 miles.

I have to admit, though, when I came up with this idea I had NOT factored in I would be driving home on the Friday of Memorial day weekend, which around here is NEVER a good time to be on the road… Continue reading “Take the long road home…”

They knew the risks

I consider myself very lucky living in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the great places to cycle, the oceans, the great coffee and fantastic wine, the hiking one can experience up here would compare to anywhere in the world.

You have your choice to go to raging rivers, peaceful alpine lakes, secluded ocean beaches, mountain tops and, ice caves.  I encourage as many people as I can to experience all the nature they can up here. Sadly, yesterday, 6 people forgot to pack their common sense. Continue reading “They knew the risks”

Another Ibuprofen Day

Today was a much different day than yesterday.  Michelle and I slept in until after 8, and we were able to sit, hang out and have breakfast.  No yard work, no dump trucks delivering, just a relax day, aside from a few errands.

So this evening, I am reading, Michelle is watching Anthony Bourdain, and the Manchild is surfing the web in the background.  I was going to skip the blog tonight, but then, when I was on Facebook, I stumbled on the photo of another ibuprofen induced day, and thought I would share the story.image Continue reading “Another Ibuprofen Day”

Yes we want you to believe it rains here all the time!

Today is one of those days that fits the stereotype people believe is true for Seattle.  Yep, here it is May, supposedly closing in on Summer, and as you might expect, it is raining outside.  However, as a true north westerner, (even though I wasn’t born here) I was still wearing shorts and sandals while running around.

After we got home though, I was sitting and reading in the comfy chair when I noticed Norbert flitting around outside the window.  Norbert is the name we have given to all the hummingbirds that visit our feeder and flowers.


As he buzzed away, it made me think how much I like living up here Washington.  Continue reading “Yes we want you to believe it rains here all the time!”