Bring it on!

I have mentioned more than once on this blog how much I prefer Washington state weather over the rest of the country (especially  where its way to hot and way to humid most of the time (Georgia for ex)).  I can ride year round, summer, though too hot for my liking, doesnt melt me, and winters, though chilly, can be survived with just a heavy windbreaker and a gortex hat.

I do need to now offer a clarification, it’s the western Washington weather I like so much! Continue reading “Bring it on!”

Needed a weekend like that

Like most of the working world I really like my weekends.  We get up early, work, commute, go to meetings and come home all week long.  Then we try to get things down around the house or the yard, or errands down before we sneak in some time to read a book and head for bead to start all over again.

But on the weekends, we get to sleep in, eat when we want to, ignore any meeting request we want.  Its, for the most part, our time to do as we please. Most of the time, the very best weekends involve a lot of miles on the bike, seeing sites from the back of two wheels, and sweating up a storm from the exertion.

This weekend, though was a fantastic weekend and I never touched a bike! Continue reading “Needed a weekend like that”

Winter is Coming

OK, it is still August.  So maybe it’s not coming tomorrow.  In fact Washington State (at least Western Wa where I live) is having a record-breaking heat wave right now.  What?  It hasn’t made the news where you are?  How hot has it been you ask? Are there heat alerts?  Cooling stations set up?  Have the train tracks warped?

Well it’s not really that kind of heat wave. Continue reading “Winter is Coming”