Boy you must have pedaled like the dickens!

I was a GREAT Oregon Coast weekend.

I know, I know! When have I ever said it was a bad weekend on the Oregon Coast? For that matter, when have I ever said it was a bad Oregon Coast day?

But this one was great for things to see, weather, and just plain fun!

I shoulda known something good was coming. Thursday I got drenched on a 26 mile after work ride (though I did see whales as I ate my trail mix cookie in the deluge.)

As I got close to home, though, and crossed the bridge into town, I looked up Schooner Creek and saw this.

I am starting a new wivestail! Rainbow on Thursday means great weekend coming…. Continue reading “Boy you must have pedaled like the dickens!”

A Free Hour???

Anyone who follows this blog knows my last few weekends have been nuts!  I had a weekend of yard work followed by a Century ride, a trip to Walla Walla, then a Century ride in Oregon followed by a long drive home.  Then the evenings this week were full of getting things done that I normally do on weekends!

Saturday was running around all over, taking care of kids, hitting hardware store, general errand kind of things! Not a bad day at all, but VERY busy.

Sunday morning comes up, and the man child, Sierra Victor, leaves a note asking if he can be taken back to his house in the morning, so he can participate in the Federal Way Skate in.  (35 miles away) OK, wake him up, drive south, in the rain mind you, and drop him off, then Beeline back home for belated brunch with the mom in law.  Good thing too, I was hungry!

On the way home from that was a stop at Safeway.  Groceries picked up!

However, back at the house, and the rains came back (normal for Seattle on Memorial Day Weekend, it ALWAYS rains!

So, no chance at yard work, actually, for the first time in weeks, a bit of quiet time to sit, read, relax and unwind.


But alas, unlike last week, the rain was NOT long term!  Just a squall, so i was able to relax and sit and read for over an hour, t was nice.

However, I wanted to ride on Memorial Day itself that means getting off my lazy butt and getting to work!  First of Michelle pointed out the plants that needed to die!  This I am good at!  Have shovel will travel!  Even better, there was nothing delicate close to the ones that had to go!  Dig and rip and done!  2 yard waste bins full.  Done!

Next, the new plants were strategically placed.  Dig a hole and plant away.  For one of the first times ever, I didn’t snap a big chink of the plant off getting it our of the pot.  All plants planted and watered!  Check!

Finally, time to spread some of the bark I bought yesterday over those new big bare areas.  Done!

Wow not bad for a couple hours work for the two of us!  Just enough time to clean up a little, and drink something before going to get the kid.

Turns out his longboard gathering was an all day deal.  He was still skating at 6 when I got down there. Once again I had to feed a kid of mine NOW before he started chewing his own arm!  Taco Time it was!   YUM!  Love me a beef&bean burrito and mexi fries!

10 minutes north on the freeway, the kid was OUT, snoring away.  We got home, he woke up, said “hi” or at least grunted as his mum, and went straight to bed!  I think the last time he was in bed before 8 he WAS 8!

I am glad I had my free hour to sit, it was nice, but better yet, Manchild had a great day, and Michelle and I got stuff done!