Racking up the miles: November 2014

When my buddy Dave and I were in college, we coined a phrase.  Well, to be honest, we coined many terms and phrases. This led to the us developing the infamous Strohs to English Dictionary, which we may discuss someday.

However, the phrase I am thinking of for this post was: “Never let going to class interfere with going to college!” There are so many fun things that occur daily at WSU, that classes could get in the way of enjoying them.

Nowadays, I wish I could rewrite that to say, “Never let going to work interfere with riding your bike!”  Why?  Because once again the miles this month were limited…. Continue reading “Racking up the miles: November 2014”

Trying to get my butt in gear!

Ever have those times that you just DON’T want to work out.  When the call of the couch is hard to resist?  Worse yet, snacks are calling your name, and they want to join you on the couch!

Lately I feel that I have been giving into the “butt on the couch” mode too often and I KNOW I have been snacking way too much!  Taking a look at my picture at the rim of Crater Lake, and you can totally see the belly has grown!

cropped-image23.jpg Continue reading “Trying to get my butt in gear!”