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Decisions Decisions…

Folks, this is shaping up to be an interesting weekend at the new homestead. Tomorrow, we have a pretty decent wind storm going to hit, Gusts up to 50, and this is causing a high surf warning! For the natives … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast 2017 continues

Michelle and I have  talked a time or two about this trip. Had we ended up at San Francisco and Napa as planned, it would have been MUCH less relaxing. There are so many things to see, that I would … Continue reading

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Plan B in full swing!

Well ladies and gents, as promised in the last post, we have made it to The Inn At Spanish Head in Lincoln city! As always we have a great view of the water, and it has been a great day … Continue reading

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A run to the ocean

Ever look around and realize DAMN! the year is half over and HOLY CRAP! it’s already August! I’d been saying all year that the MC (previously known as the Manchild) and I needed to go somewhere just the two of … Continue reading

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So many things to do at our beaches!

I fully understand there are different people in the world. We all have the things we like and don’t like.  Since Thursday, Michelle and I have been at Cannon Beach, with this view outside out window. And we have loved … Continue reading

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Well, here I sits after a long drive home.  Michelle is out getting her hair did.  Appointments are hard to come by (Unless you use Hairmasters like I do) So we made sure to leave in time to get home … Continue reading

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The BEST day at the Oregon Coast EVER! Plan C continues!

Ladies and gents, I have been coming to the Oregon coast since the late 1980s.  There has never been a trip I didn’t enjoy. Even if it rains or its cold, the right coat allowed me to do whatever I … Continue reading

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