WOW, now this will be a Labor Day weekend to remember….

Hi y’all.  This post is coming to you from an hotel room. Michelle, the cat Mewson, and I are hunkering down awaiting word to return to Lincoln City. RETURN you say?  What happened???

Zombie Hellfire Devil Smoke winds happened!

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Changing on the fly!

Long time followers of the Mountainstroh blog may remember the Plan C vacation of a few years ago. Michelle and I woke up on a Saturday in the Washington, the state, planning to go to bed in Washington the DC.

That night, due to storms, a small fire, and cancelled flights, we ended up at the Oregon coast. I still have never gotten to DC, but that was a great vacation!

Sadly, this week, we had to make new plans again…. Continue reading “Changing on the fly!”

Did I make the Cycling Gods Mad Somehow?

Do you ever get the feeling that the cycling gods are conspiring against you for some reason?  I am almost starting to wonder about that this summer.

First off, I was not chosen for the RAMROD. I was seriously bummed, especially a week ago today when that ride I was hoping to be on was happening.  It was the perfect cycling day, not too warm, morning clouds, I would’ve loved it!

The VERY next day, I came outside to find my bike was gone!  Stolen from some dirtbag who blazed into the garage at work, snipped my lock and flew (ever hear the term ride it like you stole it?  He did) out the downstairs entrance of the garage.  If the cycling gods were happy with me, one of the many dump trucks working the local construction site woulda taken him out clean.  Sadly, no dice.

There is never a good time to have a bike stolen.  But this was particularly bad because my plan B ride, the Crater Lake Century is only 3 weeks away.  This meant I had to not only get the bike, but get it adjusted to me and get used to it in time for a hella hard century ride.

However, this ride is worth it.  I am a nature geek, I love national parks, and I am totally looking forward to getting pictures like this:



I have never been to this park before.  The lake was formed when Mt Mazama blew its top eons ago, and the top collapsed into a caldera, that filled with water.  It contains some of the purest water in the world.  No motors are allowed on the water.  From everything I have heard, it is truly a spectacular place to be.  And no better way to see it than on a bike.

And here is why I think the cycling gods are NOT happy with me.  Because here is a daytime photo of the lake from earlier this week



That is NOT darkness, that is smoke!  There are some HUGE forest fires going on in Oregon right now, which is causing the smoke.  The problem is compounded by weather patterns that is holding the smoke at ground level.  Basically its trapped there!

I have wanted to go to this park since hight school, but for some reason it just hasn’t worked out.  This year, it seemed perfect.  I got time off, Michelle and I were going down early to check out the park and the route, and she was going to volunteer on the route during the ride.  It was a perfect plan!

I am not saying it is NOT going to happen.  Lots can happen in 3 weeks.  A good strong breeze can clear things out, and the firefighters we have in the Northwest are the best!  If anyone can do it, they can…

So it’s a wait and see.  My plan is I ride.  Michelle, though, has lungs that can’t handle something like this, so I may be flying solo.

What I need is a way to make offerings to the bike gods?  Do I pour out a bottle of Gatorade in their honor?  Shred an old bike jersey?  Develop a bikers prayer?  I am open to suggestions!  Anyone have any ideas?

Its going to be a nervous 3 weeks….