Any regrets?

As any regular reader knows, 4 months ago Michelle and I moved to the Oregon coast, Lincoln City to be exact.

What some may not know is that to do so, I changed jobs. I was a corporate trainer. I molded the youth of the Mighty P in my image. More specifically, I trained claims adjusters for the insurance company I work for. Walk through any office, and you will find the vast majority of the claims people who work there were trained by me at one time or another.

I was the claims cowboy and I was a DAMN good trainer!

But, to move here, it required moving back to being an adjuster. Which, in some eyes is a step backwards, and in other eyes a sign of insanity…. Continue reading “Any regrets?”

A very cool Father’s day!

Somewhere close to 23 years ago I became a dad for the first time. As with all dads, I lamented that there was not an instruction manual, took 5 minute power naps in the car before driving home from work, and discovered that not covering the nether regions of a boy while changing a diaper could result in both of us needing a shower!

Unlike other dads (I am assuming here) I found the infant stage boring (they are essentially paperweights and don’t do much) and I though Father’s Day was silly. Most years, this one included, people had to remind me it was coming…. Continue reading “A very cool Father’s day!”

Nature from the easychair

OK, pure and simple it is HOT!  Today, once again, we hit the 90s, and in Washington, most of us do not have A/C.  But then, most summers we get one or two days in the 90s, and that is usually July or August.  It does NOT do this June and sure as hell not for a week or two in a row!

Today, I left work at 1 and braved the heat for a 35 mile ride.  I emptied three bottles of water/powerade along the way! It was a hard 35!

Since it has been so hot, we have spent a lot of time in our comfy red chairs, in front of the fan.  With more sitting, I have noticed more that goes on in the back yard…. Continue reading “Nature from the easychair”

Bikes and Nature

Folks, there is just no way else to say this.  This was NOT been you normal Saturday bike ride.  Right now, I am sitting on the deck of the Tides Inn, Port Townsend, WA.  Sipping wine out of a coffee cup. (There are no wine glasses in the room)  Listening to the waves off Puget Sound lap and looking at a ton of stars!  Its has been a good, albeit VERY strange day!  I will cover the first half here…

Continue reading “Bikes and Nature”

Not as easy as I hoped!

You know, sometimes, though rarely, its not about the ride or the destination.  Sometimes, you just need to get miles under your butt.  Today was one of those rides.  Our plan had been to snowshoe on Chinook Pass yesterday, and I was going to go for a 100 mile, unsupported ride today either back up Chinook or on the peninsula.

Sadly, more pressing issues came into play yesterday, and our fun plans were shot down.  (though we did get to go the Deception Pass.)   I really didn’t want to be gone ALL day today, so I went to another plan… Continue reading “Not as easy as I hoped!”

You just never know what you will stumble on! Plan C Continues!

Today was Sunday on the coast.  But then again, it was Sunday everywhere!  Our original vacation itinerary called for us to have picked up a rental car yesterday, wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and drive north from Washington DC to Boston.  I was looking forward to this!

Good thing, after yesterday’s post, that plans changed, otherwise none of yesterday’s excitement would have happened.  Instead we slept in, and awoke to find that the weather had changed a bit.


No worries though, we had scheduled a relax day for today! Continue reading “You just never know what you will stumble on! Plan C Continues!”

Yep, so far I am thinking Plan C was a good choice!

Today was day three of the vacation that should have found Michelle and I in the Nation’s Capitol, running around doing historical stuff, getting National Park Stamps and seeing things I had never seen before.  Instead we are on the Oregon Coast and relaxing away!

Michelle checked the weather last night, and found this map.


Now we aren’t sure if DC is in the heavy rain or the severe storms or BOTH, but we know we are doing better here!  Continue reading “Yep, so far I am thinking Plan C was a good choice!”