Book Review: Lanterne Rouge, The Last Man in the Tour de France

Looking back, it has been quite a while since I have done a book review on a cycling.  Part of it is because I have had other books (mostly Science Fiction) that have taken a chunk of my reading time.  Part is also I have subscribed to Scientific America and there is only so much reading time available in a day, plus reading while pedaling is NOT recommended.

This one also took a while to get through…. Continue reading “Book Review: Lanterne Rouge, The Last Man in the Tour de France”

Its a win in my books!

Ladies and Gents, as much as this blog is about me most of the time, the best posts are when it’s about others.  Especially when it’s about Michelle, who pushed me to start this thing.  Today’s post is ALL about her, and her friend Kim, as yesterday was their second running of the Portland Halfmarathon. Continue reading “Its a win in my books!”

Chaos Wins!

I am SO not an athlete!  In High School I never got near a sports team. Nope, no letter for Tony.  In college, I played on some DAMN good intramural teams with the Strohs Bros and Fros, Softball, Flag Football, Inner Tube Water Polo, and even one stint each with Basketball and Volleyball (I sucked at these last two!)

Even though we had good teams for all of these, we never took first place.  We tried, but just didn’t make it.

However, after college, some of us stuck together.  Yes, from the Strohs teams came Chaos!

imageScott, Dave and I, with Rob Wilder Dave’s sister Anne, and a bunch of us I do NOT remember, came together one year and won it all!

It wasn’t easy!  First of all, we got knocked out of the bracket pretty early by the only team that ever beak us, I am relatively sure this was WC Pizza.  This meant we were in the single elimination losers bracket after that.  Make one mistake and you are out.

Well hell, no idea how we did it, but we stuck it out and made it to the finals and once again had to face WC Pizza.  Worst part?  Since we were in losers bracket, we had to beat them twice!

OK, time to play for keeps here.  First mess with their minds!  Every game we played them, they sat in the 3rd base dugout.  That was their place.  So first order of business, take the dugout away from them!

I can’t remember what time the came was scheduled for, hell it was 20 years ago. but whatever it was, I showed up 2 hours early.  Yep!  Showed up, took over the dugout they liked, set up all our gear and read a book.  They were PISSED!!  it was fun listening to them cuss about it.  Especially since they were there an hour early themselves!

So the first game happens and we kick their ass!  This means there is a second game.  Turns out, game one was my turn to sit.  We all took turns.  There were 6 guys and 6 girls, so we all batted, but someone had to ride the pine each game.  Game two was ready to start, and Dave, our coach, told me I was going in at short and the other guy was sitting.  OH HELL NO!!  He was a better shortstop than I was (and I was good!).  We had these guys on the ropes (and they were jerks actually).  I was NOT going to change a winning combination!

“Dave, I am sitting!”  He looked at me strange and said “Its your turn.”  “YEP and I am giving it up!”   He made sure that I knew he was NOT the one telling to do this.  “Nope it is my call!  I will bat, but I will sit!”

And yes we won!  Took both games and won my only first place trophy.  It was a team effort.  We played hard, supported each other, and had fun.  I guess the moral here?  The team is what matters, sometimes the most important player is one who DOESN’T play!

I miss those days, but I will never forget the day we won it all!