Seriously??? 1000 Posts???

So, sometime in the last week, I had a message flash at me from WordPress, the engine that runs our Mountainstroh blog. It was short and sweet, but made me do a bit of a double take.

This is your 1000th post!

OK, I had no idea I was approaching 1000, nor would I have ever guessed I would ever have 1000 posts. And it made me think about what all went into these….

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Blogfodder II

My best blogger friend Megan asked me a question here recently.  She has decided that she is going to give her blog, The War in My Brain, more attention, and, for a while at least, blog every day.  She asked me how I do it.

I started blogging back in January, and with a few exceptions, I have added a post each and every day since then.  I didn’t realize it initially, but I came to notice, from the blogs I follow, that daily bloggers are very rare.  So she started me thinking, how, and more importantly, why do I blog every day?

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