When you pushed yourself a bit too far

Over the years, people ask me how I make myself work out.  I am by NO means a gym rat. I honestly hate working out inside.


So, for years, I have done everything I could to workout in the great outside.  To inspire myself, I sign up for a big event, pay for it, and then train to make sure I have at least a shot to complete it…. Continue reading “When you pushed yourself a bit too far”

Eye of the Tiger

As anyone who knows me in real live life will tell you, when it comes to choices of entertainment, I got stuck in the 80s.  Music, TV, and movies from that era hold a special place in my heart and my itunes.

I also use some of the classic lines from the best movies.  Someone says “May I ask you a question?”  I respond with “Talk to me Goose!” When something works the way I want it to I launch into “I love it when I plan comes together!”  Anytime you can use either “If you will not help me, then TA HELL WITH YOU!”  or “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the wimmen!” is a good day! When I am making something work that normally wouldn’t I hear in my head “The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.” And when overly stressed, you can always feel better with a boisterous “Yippee Ki Ay…….”

More than any other though, from movie and song, the “Eye of the Tiger” has the most affect of them all… Continue reading “Eye of the Tiger”

What I learned from Spin class

Ok, so as you may or may not know, I am once again stuck in Spokane without the bike, my main means of exercise.  I know, I could disassemble mine and fly it over, but since I fly home every weekend, I just can’t see doing that twice every weekend.  And yep I know I could buy a +1 bike, and keep it over here, but I am a cheap SOB.

Instead, I compromised.  I knew the work out room in the gym was not going to cut it, so I signed up for spin classes.  HEY I can ride a bike for 16 hours straight and cover 200 miles in a day, how hard can this be….  (yep famous last words) Continue reading “What I learned from Spin class”

Racking up the miles: November 2014

When my buddy Dave and I were in college, we coined a phrase.  Well, to be honest, we coined many terms and phrases. This led to the us developing the infamous Strohs to English Dictionary, which we may discuss someday.

However, the phrase I am thinking of for this post was: “Never let going to class interfere with going to college!” There are so many fun things that occur daily at WSU, that classes could get in the way of enjoying them.

Nowadays, I wish I could rewrite that to say, “Never let going to work interfere with riding your bike!”  Why?  Because once again the miles this month were limited…. Continue reading “Racking up the miles: November 2014”

Couple Steps in the right direction today!

Today was a good day in Strohville as far as being healthy and making progress for 2014!  As we all know, I am the first to put myself down if I don’t do the right thing or if I skip a few days that I shouldn’t, so I thought I’d point out a good day and the things I did right!

But before I do, I want to give a shout out to my buddy Rod Brooks.  Now in the interest of a full disclosure, Rod is one of the execs (yep the big kahunas) at my company.  What is very cool about my company, as opposed to others, is that someone at that level and I CAN be friends, We are fellow COUGS, and enjoy each others company.

The shout out, is the fact he has gathered together a group of us misfits to a Facebook page to be mutually supportive in our endeavors to get healthier.  He is leading the charge with daily selfless of himself working out, and I believe his efforts are helping all of us!  If you want to know more about him, check out his blog Seeing the Edge.

Editors note:  for those who may think I am working on brown nose points, it aint my style.  Trust me if the man was a jerk and I didn’t like and respect him, he would NOT be mentioned here.  Believe it or not I do have standards! He has earned the shout out and I appreciate his efforts.

OK enough of that, lets talk about me!  Continue reading “Couple Steps in the right direction today!”

Nuthin Stops Her

Folks I have a bad habit. 

OK, to be truthful, I am sure I have a LOT more than just one bad habit. 

But this habit I am discussing involves working out.  When I find something I like, say cycling, I missilelock on it and do nothing BUT that for a work out.

When I was climbing mountains, I would hike every weekend.  Then, a couple times a week, I would get to Seattle early, strap on the backpack and go up and down a set of stairs (298 steps one way) up to ten times.

When I was a runner, I would run, and only run, occasionally throwing in a session at the stairs. 

See the pattern?  As a cyclist, whether inside or on the road, all I do is pedal. 

Today I mixed things up a bit, and I can feel it….  Continue reading “Nuthin Stops Her”

Medicinal Properties?

There are many things in this world that supposedly have medicinal qualities.  Some I believe in, while others I am not so sure.  For example, I am 100% behind Linus Pauling and vitamin C.  When people started getting sick at work, or the kids start catching colds, I dose up.  I take 3000 mg a day in pill form PLUS at least one orange a day.  My theory is whatever my body doesn’t need it will get rid of.  (It also means I will never get scurvy.)

My wife and I also are firm believers that Kraft Mac and Cheese is medicinal.  Don’t ask me why, but no matter how bad I feel, I always feel better after a bowl of that.  Especially the way I make it.  This makes as much sense to me as people who do “oil pulling” or go to acupuncturists.  It’s not weird if it works.

My contention, though, is exercise outdoors has medicinal properties. Continue reading “Medicinal Properties?”

Yep, Sometimes you just have to Listen to your Body

Anyone who read my post on Friday knows that I did my first round trip bike commute Thursday.  (In the pouring rain I might add).  Work is only 17 miles away, which isn’t far at all really, and a good distance for a work out.

However, I didn’t plan extraordinarily well before selecting my day to do this.  First, on Wednesday night, I stopped on the way home from dinner with the 15-year-old (Taco Del Mar, YUM!) to do my workout on the stairs.  I don’t run the stairs, but I keep a steady pace going up the 293 steps, and hurry back down, trying for a 5.5 minute round trip pace.  I do 7 reps of these.  I was done about 830 PM, and home by 9.  Not too late, but then I had to get things ready to go.

I hadn’t had a chance to get the panniers on the bike, or pack what I needed for the day (work clothes, lunch, work badge etc) so getting all this ready kept me up until about 1030.  I was up and on the road at 530 AM!  This meant a little less than 6.5 hours of sleep.

The morning was nice, but I pushed it hard to avoid the rain.  So it was a hard but good  work out.  It took about 75 minutes to get to work.

Then as, I pointed it, it was POURING on the way home!  What I didn’t know till I got home was that my back tire was at only half its normal pressure.  I am not sure if REI, while hurrying to replace my rim didn’t air it all the way up, or I have a leak.  Either way, this meant that when I pushing it to maintain a decent clip, so I could get out of the rain, I was having to work even harder than usual.  I could tell something just wasn’t right, but I was chalking it up to the hard rain.  Even with the tire, it still only took 75 minutes to get home.

Now do the math, adding all three workouts together, that is 3 hard workouts in less than 20 hours.  Time wise, it only adds up to just over 3 hours, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing!  I do, and have done this year, many rides over 3 hours long.  However, these longer rides are not done “flat-out”.  I pace myself to make sure I make it.  These three hours there was no pacing.  I asked my body to give a lot!

Yesterday, my body told me exactly how much I asked of it!  I was one dogbutt tired cowboy.  The legs were fried!  Just waking down two flights of stairs to the lunch room and back for tea or water wore me out. ( I refuse to use an elevator for 2 flights).

By 1 PM it got so bad, I had to break out desperate measures!  I fell back back on superior firepower and higher intelligence.  Yep, I cranked on the iPod to listen to AC/DC (Thunderstuck, Highway to Hell, TNT etc) and drank a Diet Mountain Dew (DMD Baby!)   I could finally feel my blood pumping, and for the first time all day I wasn’t worried about nodding off at my desk!

My stomach was also making demands.  I needed a chocolate chip cookie.  Not “it sounded good”, or “hmm maybe I will get one”  it was “Pal, if we are chained to this desk much longer, I am going to chew your arm off and go get it myself!  Yep, a trip to Starbucks was a remedy for that!  I finished it and wanted another, but I held firm!

What my body was saying was “Son, it is time for a break!”  Luckily, last night, my wife and I had planned a night away The Willows Lodge in Woodinville!.  We had planned to go out for dinner, have some wine and relax.  Instead we stopped and got wine at Ross Andrew Winery, and then, after checking in,  ordered room-service.  We then sat around the gas fire, with the rain coming down, resting, sipping great wine, and had fantastic food.

We had talked about getting up early and hitting the work out room there.  Nope, slept in, ordered room service again, and used the giant tub to soak tired legs.  Even now, the rain has stopped, (though hella-windy out there) and I should ride, but it is feeling good to sit!

I am the first to admit, that I don’t listen to this body like I should.  I had a sprained ankle last 2 months longer than it should because I wouldn’t stop playing softball.  I have done 5 and 10 Ks with a fever, and bitten off more than I can chew while hiking and biking more than once.  However, sometimes even someone as ornery as I am has to listen to the body.  HOWEVER, if its nice tomorrow I will get a long ride outside, and if not, a hard one on the rollers.  Next week, at least twice I will commute to work on the bike or bike after work!  (Not to mention stairs as well!)

It’s all well and good to listen to your body sometimes, but I am damn sure not going to let it start thinking its in charge!